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Steps That Our Asphalt Paving Contractors Must Follow

But First, What Is Asphalt Paving?

Asphalt paving or pavement, comes from recycled paving materials. It is used to enhance driveways, roads, and parking areas. This material is less expensive than concrete;

However, the value of this product can be lost due to the maintenance that is required to keep the asphalt in top condition. But, the expense for maintenance is reasonable and less expensive than concrete which can’t be sealcoated.

Moreover, asphalt is resistant to weather and chemicals, making it a strong and durable surface. Also, it offers more flexibility than concrete, which makes it more resistant to stress and cracks. Furthermore, potholes and other damage are easy to repair.

However, it should be noted that potholes are less likely to occur in concrete. Paving with asphalt is simple, but it does require a contractor who understands the skills required to properly install the asphalt like ours do.

Finding The Right Asphalt Contractor

You must find a seasoned contractor like Blackrock Asphalt with the expertise that is required to handle all of your paving needs. Check that they have a good history, reputation and good reviews or recommendations in the market.

Installing asphalt is very labor intensive and requires an asphalt company that will follow the appropriate and specific steps needed for a job well done.

The base must be properly prepared and each step of the paving process followed through to the final sealing coat.

Also, you must know exactly which areas you want to be paved and the area should be marked before getting a quote from an Salem asphalt contractor.

Once you have selected an asphalt contractor in Salem, you should ensure the area is cleared of all obstructions so the contractor can begin paving the area.

Preparing The Area We Will Install Asphalt Pavement On

So, the area must be properly prepped and rolled before the asphalt is laid down. A Blackrock paving contractor will do this for you. Moreover, the foundation layer will depend on how thick the gravel and asphalt will be. Furthermore, this thickness can be between four and six inches.

Then, once the ground has been excavated to the required level, the ground must be firmly compacted. Also, the level and grade of the asphalt should be at the appropriate level. As a result, this will ensure your driveway will properly drain water away from your home.

These Are Steps To Install Asphalt Paving

To begin, our Blackrock Asphalt contractor will install landscaping mesh on top of the compacted soil. Then, he will install a layer of gravel which will be thoroughly compacted. He will continue this process until the appropriate thickness is reached.

Oftentimes, this will require five layers of gravel for a six inch thick driveway. After this, a binder layer is installed, which includes asphalt mixed with large aggregates to ensure strength for your asphalt driveway.

Finally, the binder layer is mixed at an asphalt plant and then transported to your site. Our Blackrock paver will then lay down the appropriate thickness of the binder layer. Lastly, we then roll the surface until it has a uniform texture and the aggregate is efficiently compacted.

Now, your driveway will have the required structure to support your vehicles. Also, the top layer is prepared in an asphalt plant and consists of sand, asphalt and small-sized aggregates. Then, this is laid on top of the binder layer and is then compacted using a roller until the surface is smooth and jet black.

Furthermore, the rolling process will continue until no aggregate or bumps of stone are visible. Finally, a layer of sand is spread across the asphalt surface so your driveway can be used. This is what Asphalt Paving is all about.

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